Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It was probably just after we finished moving the table that I realized what a true and complete hypocrite I had become. You see, in the years pre-baby (ies) Elissa and I would scoff at our friends who had turned their beautiful well-decorated, well-furnished homes over to becoming complete and total play pens, homages to their children, if you will. We would ridicule them on our drive home - "how ridiculous that their kids rule the house, I can’t count the number of toys I inadvertently stepped on. I think I even trounced on a child, by accident, but who could tell from all the stuff."

You see, we weren’t moving the table, to make more room for new contemporary furniture from Macy’s, far from it! We were making a more wide-open space for Ethan and Ruthie to play bumber cars in their walkers so they wouldn’t feel confined to the living rooms space, kitchen and long hallway they already had access to. Enjoy the video!

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