Friday, September 9, 2011

It took all forty of our fingers and all forty of our toes to figure it out, but if my math is right (and it might not be) that makes today Ethan and Ruth's 80th birthday! Not in the traditional sense of 80 years, of course but the 80th day since their birth... I think I speak for the four of us and all of our fingers and toes when I say that they've been the most fantastic 80 days any of us have had yet!

To confirm my assertion, Ethan and Ruthie both started the day with big smiles so I decided to delcare this Louis Armstrong day at the Kaplan house. Feel free to join us from where ever you are:

Below are some quick pics from my phone that I've taken over the past 80 days, I'll try to get up some video later today from our 80th day celebration.

First trip to the park
Already an ECU fan
Ready for a walk
Nap time on Daddy

First trip to Target
First trip to the mall

Holding hands

Princess at Grammas house

Only a few days old

Already on the phone

With Mom in the hospital