Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Conversation on the way to daycare 11-20-13

Ethan: Mommy who turns the lights out at the symfy?
Me: In the city?
Ethan: No, Mommy, who turns the lights out at the symphony?
Me: The symphony?
Ethan: Yes, the New York City symphony. At night who turns the lights out after the conductor is done waving his stick in the air?

Friday, November 1, 2013

This morning as I got ready for work Paul called into the monitor, "Elissa come upstairs for some cuteness overload!" So I ran upstairs and found the kiddies in Ruthie's dark room, illuminated by only the nightlight. She and Ethan were sitting at her pink princess table, drinking cups of milk, chatting with their stuffed animals in a way that only a NJ child can do. It sounded like this, "Giraffe-e how YOU doing, how YOU doing green frogg-y, how YOU doing blue bunny? Morning Mommy, we are having milk with giraffe-e and bunny. You just woke up?"

Starting my day the perfect way.