Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About 4 months ago we lost Ruthie's favorite stuffed animal, which we fondly called pink bunny, mostly because she was pink, 100 washes ago. We searched everywhere (in Ruthie's play toys: the washing machine, the fridge, the oven) and thought that she was gone...forever. And then on Saturday we had a day with amazing (50 degrees!) weather. We were outside playing and found PINK BUNNY!! She was inside the grill, not the pretend grill, but the real grill (Ruthie must have hidden her there). Ruthie was overjoyed. She immediately tossed green froggie and blue bunny down in favor of her long lost bestie. Tonight I went up to check on Ruthie and sadly found pink bunny and blue bunny both tossed next to the bed. I guess green froggie is still number one...for now.

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