Monday, February 10, 2014

Nate is 9 months old

My name is Nathan, but my family calls me Nate. I am 9 months old and smiling from morning until night to show off my two pearly white teeth! I am using those teeth for eating, which I love to do! So far matzo balls, avocados and pasta with tomato sauce have been big hits for me, but my favorite food is grilled salmon! I don't want anyone to feed me, I want to do it all by myself. 

I can sit up, roll over and am just learning to crawl: backwards and I love to stand up! My big brother, Ethan, likes to chase me around the living room in my walker and feed me snow in the bathtub and my big sister, Ruthie, taught me how to crawl and likes to help put my pacifier back in my mouth. 

I sleep 12 hours at night and nap twice during the day. I moved up in my daycare because I am getting so big! I am getting ready for my first birthday in April. Ethan even helped me pick out the theme. 

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